Alexandra Fiada

Alexandra Fiada was born and lives (as does 40% of the Greek nation) in Athens. She is unable to explain her unusually disciplined nature, but suggests her inquisitive, optimistic individualism is ample proof, if it was needed, that she is a true Greek.

A passionate lover of Greek history, she became a newspaper addict at the age of five and has read avidly all forms of the printed word ever since. Fortunately this is a great advantage in her professional life - publishing.

As editor of a number of magazines including International History Magazine and the Greek Readerís Digest, translator, and author of A Short History of Athens, assorted articles, scripts and documentaries she finds work her principal pleasure. But she claims she cannot function properly without copious cups of coffee, and far too many cigarettes which she defends on the grounds that if smoking doesnít get her first, the smog of Athens will.

Meanwhile she plans for a dream house among the olive trees in the Greek countryside and a pension large enough to guarantee that her relations humour her every whim well into her dotage.